Bad Credit Loans for Tulsa and Wagoner County Drivers

What is a bad credit auto loan?

Bad credit auto loans are specialized financing plans that shoppers with damaged credit can obtain when convention lenders (banks, credit unions, vehicle manufacturer’s finance arms) won’t approve them for a vehicle loan. Initially, your bad credit loan will be funded by a car dealership and later assigned or sold to a finance company. Sometimes, a third-party may service the loan, which usually happens at Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealerships

How can I qualify for a bad credit auto loan?

The basic qualifications required for a bad credit vehicle loan are:

  • Proof of at least $1500/month income
  • A full-time job or fixed income guaranteed for the duration of your loan
  • Current residence in the Tulsa or Wagoner County areas or surrounding communities
  • American citizen or legal resident
  • Ability to purchase an auto insurance policy (or proof of current coverage)
  • A valid phone number and proof of residence (utility bill, credit card statement, etc.)


Does anyone not qualify for a bad credit loan?

Current military members stationed outside of North America, seasonal or temporary employees, and shoppers who cannot provide proof of income (paid “under the table”) cannot be approved for a bad credit car loan.